I’ve practiced Buddhist meditation for over 30 years, and am a student of the Diamond Approach. I currently offer “meditation coaching and debugging” under the guidance of Upasaka Culadasa.

I’m also a performing musician, involved in live performance and studio work.

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If you’ve meditated for months or years and still find that your sessions are filled with mind-wandering and forgetting your meditation object, I might be able to help.

Over my 30+ years of practice I found that my meditations on retreat were deep and rewarding, but daily practice at home was scattered and somewhat perfunctory. Sometimes it felt like ¬†a placeholder between retreats. When I encountered The Mind Illuminated by Upasaka Culadasa I learned that it was reasonable to expect much more from practicing “in the world” and that applying skillful means could result in remarkable progress.

I’m currently a teacher-in-training with Culadasa, and am verifying all of this in my own life. I work one on one with meditators to help them “debug” stuck places and coach them to a more dynamic practice. I emphasize collaboration and inquiry, to help uncover the details of how each practitioner’s specific mind works, and how to best train it. My specialty is the early portion of the meditator’s path, from establishing a regular practice through developing stable attention on the object, without mind-wandering and forgetting.

Please feel free to contact me and set up a free initial meeting!


I’m a formally trained musician and songwriter with decades of experience. I hold a Master’s Certificate from BerkleeMusic’s¬†Songwriting for Film and TV program. I’ve scored games and other projects, and have performed live for most of my career.

An improvised “flow-style” jam:

An instrumental song:

Here’s a piece I wrote and recorded for a guitar contest, set to the backing tracks of Steve Vai’s Juice: